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Izzy Cooks Up A Storm

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Freedom kitchens from Symphony embrace unique features to support independent living scenarios and offer the latest kitchen trends so there's no need to compromise on style. Key components of safety, style, storage and smart flexibility at the core of the Freedom brand, make it ideal for multi-generational living, including mobility requirements.

Izzy Hussain is a full-time wheelchair user, aged 34, who lives in Milton Keynes. Izzy's new kitchen allows her to host friends and family with ease, as entertaining is a big part of Izzy's life.

"I now have the freedom to cook what I want, when I want and this new style of kitchen allows me to be independent and spontaneous, which is really important for me," she told us.

Izzy's previous kitchen wasn't accessible, and she wasn't able to cook independently, and reverted to using a camping hot plate and an MDF worktop just so she could have the ability to cook for herself.

Her Occupational Therapist Zoe Paye of OT Healthcare provides necessary support following Izzy's spinal injury, and also helped oversee the design process following the purchase and transformation of her bungalow. Zoe suggested Adam Thomas, an accessible design consultant, of the Adam Thomas Consultancy and Tara Neil Kitchen Retailer, who were able to offer a tailored design service along with delivery and installation.

As part of an early design consultation, a few non-negotiable features were agreed:

  • An island on two levels with fixed lowered height prep space with induction hob so Izzy can cook, and also entertain her guests at the same time.
  • A pull-out table, located directly across from the ovens, doubling up as a place to safely transfer dishes to the island and as additional preparation space.
  • A pantry/tall larder with pull-out drawers providing easy and quick access to dried food and tins.

Additional design features include a drinks cabinet, as entertaining is a big part of Izzy's life and allows her to host friends and family with ease. A NEFF hide and slide oven, including heat proof resting shelf which Izzy wanted to have following good reviews on a spinal group on Facebook.

Essential storage options such as pull down i-move baskets within wall cabinets, and pull-out pan drawers within base cabinets, provide easy access to everyday items.

A slimline NEFF dishwasher for ease of cleaning crockery and kitchen utensils when hosting as well as a hot tap which eliminates the back and forth of filling up a kettle.

Finally, a well-equipped separate utility room incorporating a sink to wash and groom her dogs as well as a handy pull-out dog treat drawer were a must-have for Izzy.

The Freedom brand is designed in collaboration with the Adam Thomas Consultancy. Adam is an accessible design consultant and industry expert with over 40 years of experience. Freedom is available from selected retail partners around the UK.

For more information visit Symphony Group.

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