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Tracey Regains Independence In The Kitchen

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Tracey Doolan from Cardiff is enjoying a newfound independence at home following the installation of a new kitchen which features four cabinets which are fitted with the Diagonal Lift System from Ropox, one of the leading manufacturers of accessible kitchen and bathroom solutions.

Tracey has Rheumatoid Arthritis and as it progressed, she was finding it increasingly difficult to do anything in the kitchen and was relying on her husband Lyndon more and more.

"It had got to the stage where I was unable to get anything in or out of the cupboards," she told us, "so we decided that a modified kitchen was the best solution."

The couple looked at various options to help make the kitchen more accessible and decided the Diagonal Lift System was the best solution as it meant the cupboards would automatically come right down to the work surface at the press of a switch as opposed to other systems where you have to pull the basket down manually.

Tracey has been using her new kitchen for just over a year now and loves the new found independence it has given her.

"Now I can make a drink or prepare food on my own instead of having to keep asking Lyndon for his help and as the cupboards come right down to the work surface, I can even reach the back of the cupboards with ease," she explained. "I also love how easy they are to operate, and the auto sensor means if there are any obstructions on the work top the cupboards stop lowering until the item has been moved. I would not hesitate in recommending the Ropox Diagonal Lift System to anyone who wants to regain their independence in the kitchen as it makes the cupboards so accessible."

Suki Ram, Area Sales Manager, Ropox, said "It is fantastic to hear how Tracey and her husband are benefitting from their new Diagonal Lift Systems. Our aim is to help every client live as independently as possible and we feel we have certainly achieved this for Tracey and Lyndon."

The Diagonal Lift System turns a standard kitchen cupboard into a height adjustable cupboard and can be fitted to new kitchens or retrofitted to an existing kitchen, and not only does it lower the cabinet, but it can also move the cabinet forward and closer to the user.

This means that someone like Tracey with limited movement can access the contents of the cupboard as can users that are unable to stand from their wheelchair. The height adjustment range of the system is 43cm in height and 18cm horizontally while the diagonal movement of the system means that as it is lowering (up to 43cm) it is also moving closer to the user by 18cm.

For more information on the full range of equipment visit Ropox, or to book an assessment contact Mark Sadler on 07444 577609 or, or Suki Ram on 07704 102393 and

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