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Children Have Washing Assistance On Tap

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Nursery children at Woodlands school are growing in confidence, thanks to the installation of Bristan's soft touch timed flow taps which are helping them become more independent with hand washing.

Woodlands School is an all age school which caters for children with a broad spectrum of needs, from learning difficulties to physical disabilities. When the school decided to upgrade the hand wash facilities in the nursery, it was important that the specification chosen would be appropriate and sympathetic to the needs of the children who would be using them on a daily basis. The school site manager spoke to Bristan about the special requirements of the school to see what we would recommend.

"Woodlands is not a mainstream school, and our pupils' needs are very different from other schools in our area. Some children here have physical disabilities which affect their grip, and some get frightened by fast running water, so when it comes to specifying new fixtures in the washroom areas, we need to ensure we are choosing products that will be as inclusive as possible so we are not creating unnecessary barriers to use."


Woodlands School prides itself on providing a safe environment for its pupils. With this in mind each Z2 1/2 C tap for hot water has been fitted with a thermostatic mixing valve to ensure the temperature of the water does not reach levels where it could cause scalding. Some pupils at the school will be particularly vulnerable to scalding as they may have reduced mobility, a sensory impairment or may not be able to react quickly enough to prevent injury. Bristan offers a range of TMV approved products which are rigorously tested and independently approved by BuildCert.


"Because the taps are easy to turn on, and go off by themselves, many of the nursery children are now able to wash their hands independently, whereas before they would have needed assistance," added the site manager. "This is all helping to build their confidence with simple activities. For the children that still need a little help, the height of the taps gives more room in the sink to make it easier for teachers to carry out assisted hand washing. It's these benefits that just make basic tasks so much easier for our staff and pupils."


Bristan advised on the installation of its new Z2 1/2 C taps for the nursery sinks. These soft touch taps are simple to use, and can be easily operated by children with limited physical dexterity in their hands. The tap's automatic shut off turns off the water flow after a set amount of time, to prevent taps being left running. This was previously a common occurrence in the nursery and when combined with the tap's flow regulator, it can help to considerably reduce water use and wastage.


The cleaning and maintenance benefits of the Z2 1/2 C taps are also being seen by the cleaning staff too. The tap's simple shape means there are no nooks and crannies where dirt and bacteria can't be reached so they are much easier to keep clean and hygienic.

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