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A Visibly Innovative Solution

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Inclusive Design Magazine supporters Oyster Mayfair (see their ad on p02 of our March/April issue) have an innovative and very attractive range of lifts to improve access in any property.

Their Invisible Step Lift can be used in homes as well as commercial premises such as restaurants, shops, offices, hotels, clubs, pubs, bars, coffee shops, reception areasas well as museums, art galleries, schools or other buildings where split level flooring can present problems for disabled access in wheelchairs.

Watch the video here.

The Invisible Step Lift by Oyster Mayfair blends in with its surroundings, the top surface can be finished in a variety of materials such as: marble, brick, slate, wood, laminate, carpet and many other flooring finishes used in domestic or retail/ business premises.

It requires no ramp -there is virtually no visual impact with this low rise transfer lift. Suitable for many domestic installations and also where an alternative option is required for providing disabled access for wheelchair users in commercial or heritage buildings where traditional wheelchair ramps may not be a viable option due to lack of space for a long ramp or other aesthetic/ interior design considerations.

They come with a hand held remote control unit as standard, fixed wall or stem mounted control buttons can also be supplied, and its maximum load capacity of 350kg for the combined weight of wheelchair user and their wheelchair/powerchair means it should be perfectly adequate for most users needs.

The 'invisibility' of the low rise transfer lift makes it an interesting option for providing disabled access for wheelchair users to heritage buildings or churcheswhere alterations to a building might have to be as sympathetic or discreet as possible.

The Invisible Step Lift has three different models, all suitable for domestic or commercial use.

Vertical travel only (Model V): This model is for travelling straight up/ down between two different floor levels (of up to * 800 mm) where a series of steps are not involved- for example in a split level room or travelling from floor level up on to a stage/ raised platform area or directly up from the driveway or garden level to a ground floor front or back door threshold. (*Optional Extra on Special Order Model V : The maximum elevation on Model V can be extended to 1,000mm.)

Vertical and Horizontal travel (Model VH): This alternative model also travels vertically and then on reaching the desired travel height (of up to 800 mm) the top platform that the wheelchair stands on slides out horizontally bridging the gap between the steps and the floor (up to a maximum of 1,000 mm).

Short Rise – Vertical travel only (Model SR): For overcoming a single step up to a maximum height of 220 mm

Find out more about Oyster Mayfair's entire range here.

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