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Accessible Glamping!

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If you are looking for a glamping holiday, then finding suitable accommodation for anyone requiring wheelchair accessibility or who has limited mobility has been a big issue. Practical, comfortable and pleasant glamping options have been hard to find, meaning many people have to miss out.

Wigwam® Holidays didn't think that was fair! They've been building and designing ideal glamping accommodation since 2000, and now can include everybody with their new and fully supportive Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin.

The cabin is large enough for up to four adults, or a family of five to sleep comfortably. Each cabin comes with two double beds and a single bed with storage space for a hoist and other large items.

They have added everything you need for the perfect holiday. Your accessible cabin comes fitted with ramps for easy access, an electric charging point, a wide access wet room with grab rails, adjusted sink and hob, fittings for a mobile hoist and ample space for wheelchair turns.

Being outside, enjoying time with family and friends and sharing stories around a campfire are at the heart of every camping and glamping holiday. Accommodation should be easy to access, warm and comfortable to sleep in and have the right support in place so everybody can relax, unwind and enjoy.

Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabins can be booked at 16 resorts around Wales, Scotland and England, or if you own a campsite and wish to improve your accessible options the cabins are available to buy from Wigwam.

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