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Bang The Drum For Inclusivity

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For this opulent hotel project in New Drum Street, London, accessible bathroom specialists Fitzroy of London was specially commissioned to create a range of fully compliant disabled bathroom accessories. Completed in 2018, the hotel now offers a range of luxurious, accessible bathrooms so that all guests are able to enjoy a first-class stay regardless of their requirements.

Working alongside award-winning architects and designers, Dexter Moren Associates, the brief was to ensure that the accessories not only perfectly matched the finish and design of the brassware, but also had the option to be removable, to enable the rooms to have full flexibility for maximum usage by anyone at anytime.

Fitzroy of London provided the interior designers with the opportunity to translate their design ideas into a fully compliant scheme for this hotel, which was extremely well received. Offering an unrivalled range of luxurious finishes, Fitzroy of London was able to supply a unique solution for this project, with a carefully curated selection of products used from its stunning Cavendish collection. Bespoke customisation of this range ensured that the accessories offered an exact match for this scheme.

This made-to-order, tailored approach in fact created the most challenging aspect of this project as Fitzroy of London were required to work within a relatively small budget yet still produce the level of quality and customisation to meet the exacting standards of the hotel.

The products have since received hugely positive reviews, for providing accessible accommodation that not only exceeds current building regulations, but also ensures that guests have a first-rate experience that is reflective of the design, quality and luxury elsewhere in the hotel.
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